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Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti

Feb 16, 2020

This week on Fact Filled Friday I'm sharing the latest health & wellness research and findings on Anxiety, Mental Health, Obesity, the forever chemicals found in two military grounds, we cannot get away from glyphosate, Cancer in Long Island for the Class of 2016, and more . It's time to gain awareness and...

Jan 22, 2020

Total Wellness Empowerment has a special guest, Rob Kall, author of Bottom Up Revolution. Bottom-up is a way of life and a way of doing business. The Bottom-Up Revolution, picks up where Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point left off. It is a how-to book for businesses, leaders, organizations,...

Jan 11, 2020

Have you heard the latest research on PFAS, Forever Chemicals and Glyphosate? Every Friday I will be sharing fact filled information on the latest toxin awareness. It's time to gain awareness and protect yourself to reach optimal health. #PFAS #ForeverChemicals

Aug 27, 2019

Discovering that Period Bypassing™ has infiltrated our everyday lives, including her own, De’Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (specializing in Oriental Reproductive Medicine) and Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, is on a mission to raise awareness about this epidemic.

In order to reduce the impact of...