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Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti

Oct 30, 2019

Take a Chill Pill: Your emotions are making your furbabies sick

Studies prove that our bonded animal companions can smell and feel our emotions. So when we let them (negative emotions) get the best of us, and we live in a state of fight or flight, not only are we creating disease in our bodies but also in theirs.

On this episode of Total Wellness Empowerment, Nancy Guberti chats with an amazing guest, Rachel Augusta. Rachel was featured by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine. Rachel works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer from age-related issues or trauma due to previous abuse. She is a certified Advanced Proficiency Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner which is the highest certification in this field. She has her own practice, works in hospitals, vet clinics & rehab facilities, and shelters. Rachel’s business was featured in a best selling Hay House published book, Women Rocking Business, she has been interviewed by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and radio shows, and is a keynote speaker at various festivals, events, colleges, and workshops spreading her message about the importance of preventative healthcare.

There is a free audio download on my website for listeners to play for their animals that will relieve emotional or physical pain, and build up the immune system

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