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Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti

Aug 23, 2020

Reaching Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti podcast has some special guests from time to time to empower you.

Keeping with the mantra that in order to reach total wellness, one must be fueling their body and mind with love and healthy relationship with food and people.
In this episode you will learn the importance of writing heartfelt letters of appreciation and the positive impact on one’s relationship and impact on others--whether it's personal relationships (even with deceased loved ones, if you seek closure through heartfelt expression) or business relationships, either at work (with your co-workers, supervisors, or employees) or with your clients, subcontractors/service providers, or customers.
Our special guest is Lynette M. Smith. She is a long-time professional freelance copyeditor who wrote and published the award-winning comprehensive reference book, How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special. Her book describes how to write 157 kinds of personal and professional heartfelt letters of appreciation. Lynette considers her book a KEY to UNLOCK better relationships, and it plays an important role in her Big, Achievable Goal: to get millions of people worldwide to write heartfelt letters of appreciation so they can establish, enhance, and even rebuild their relationships and in that way change their world.
Connect with Lynette and hopefully you will be positively impacted with your heartfelt letters. 
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