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Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti

Jan 30, 2022

SIBO is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that imbalances the gut microorganisms that maintain healthy digestion. When too many bacteria, or the wrong kind, populate the small intestine, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. 
You may experience these symptoms, depending on the severity of their condition:
•Abdominal pain, Abdominal distension.
•Nausea. Bloating, Indigestion.
        • Constipation.
•Unintentional weight loss.
•Fatigue. Inhibit one's ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food.
Left unmanaged, SIBO can cause more severe complications with long-term consequences. 
Get tested to determine if you ahve SIBOor other Gi disorders.
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